YSU Students Present Their Paper in IPCSM Malaysia

YSU Students Present Their Paper in IPCSM Malaysia

Three students of the Faculty of Mathematics dan Natural Sciences recently attended the 2nd International Postgraduate Conference on Science and Mathematics (IPCSM) as International panelists in Universiti Sultan Idris, Malaysia. They are Rita Suryani (2012 Mathematics Education Study Program), Mariana Ramelan (2013 International Undergraduate Course of Mathematics Education Study Program), and Nurul Hidayah (2011 Biology Education Study Program), who presented a paper entitled “Fermathwan (Fun Learning Mathematics With Punakawan, the 5 Javanese wayang characters): Innovation Learning Mathematics Based On Characters And Indonesian culture”.
“Fermathwan provides an innovative learning method and help to educate students with character education during the learning process which blends education and culture. It facilitates learners to learn mathematics using Javanese wayang characters (Punakawan),” Mariana said.
Fermathwan consists of several stages, i.e. appreciation and motivation, grouping, creating scenarios, creating Wayang Punakawan, presentation and discussion as well as evaluation and strengthening mathematical concept for the learners. In addition, it provides a creative, interesting, characteristic and delightful mathematics learning process along with cultural values of Javanese wayang.
The International Conference, which was held for two days from October 18th to 19th 2014, was attended by several participants from a number of countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and India. As the first keynote speaker, Prof. Keiji Sasaki from Hokkaido University Japan presented his paper entitled “Micro- and Nano- manipulation Using Optical and Plasmonic Forces”. MeanwhileDr. Lilia Halim from Malaysia State University, as the second keynote speaker, presented her paper entitled “Science Education and Development of Scientific Literate Society.” (mariana/witono)

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