Nuffic Neso, a non profit organization channeling scholarship from Netherlands government has just recently held presentation and information session of Studying in the Netherlands. The presentation was part of efforts to socialize types of scholarships offered by the Netherlands government, for foreign students including Indonesian students. The event was hosted by Yogyakarta State University (YSU) through the Office of International Affairs and Partnerships (OIAP) in Main Meeting Room, Rectorate Building (9/6/2016).

“ In 2015, there are around 1500 Indonesian students studying in Holland, excluding those taking Ph D degree, because they are not referred to as students, but as researchers” said Sofia Yang, a representative of Nuffic Neso who was also the presenter in the agenda.

“Studying in Holland is the right decision, since many Indonesian already study and live there, so you won’t feel lost. Many universities in the country offer international programs in full English, thus you don’t need to master Dutch language to survive,” she explained in front of 90 YSU and non YSU students.

Dwi, a student from the Faculty of Social Sciences YSU, addressed a question to the presenter “Are the scholarships offered applicable to all universities in the Netherlands? Sofia answered that only partner universities and institutions that will be open for the scholarship scheme by Nuffic Neso.

Not only students from YSU, the participants of the agenda came from varying universities, both inside and outside Yogyakarta. Aji, a graduate from Sebelas Maret University (UNS) Surakarta who took Tourism in his previous undergraduate degree, also attended the event. He showed his enthusiasm and acquaintance in the agenda. “Do the Nuffic Neso scholarships welcome the applicant from Tourism background like me? Since as you mentioned before, Tourism is not the top priority study field to be granted scholarship,” he said to Sofia Yang. She suggested Aji to keep applying scholarship to Nuffic Neso despite his background in Tourism, since Tourism itself can be related to priority fields offered by Nuffic Neso, namely Economics and Management.

Lastly, Sofia argued “For those who fail to get scholarship from Nuffic Neso and are willing to finance your study by individual funding, we still recommend you to studying in the Netherlands, as universities in the Netherlands will attract you with the most reasonable tuition fees compared to universities in other countries.” (Wulan)

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