Creating opportunities for the development of sustainable innovations for universities and youth organizations


UNY was awarded as a collaborator partner of the Social Innovation Week activity as a form of implementation of UNY Mbangun Deso (UNY Program on Village Development) cooperation with Karang Taruna Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta Youth Organization). In the Social Innovation Week activity, Karang Taruna Yogyakarta, in collaboration with UNY, UGM, and the Yogyakarta provincial Government, held a Social Innovation Competition as a means and arena for youth from villages throughout Yogyakarta to convey their innovative ideas so that they can encourage the strengthening of innovation in their surroundings.

In her speech, GKR Hayu, Chairperson of Karang Taruna DIY, said there is still a lack of meeting space and learning space for innovators scattered in urban villages in DIY. Even though they have a high concern for the social problems around them, they choose to move and try to find solutions. Unfortunately they are still moving in a scattered manner. Yet if this power is united, synergized, and collaborated, it must be a very large energy for DIY.

Based on this, Karang Taruna DIY has the belief that if the youth in every village are allowed to meet and collaborate with professionals, companies, government agencies, educational institutions, and various stakeholders, then they will have the courage and strength to develop their innovations on a wider scale and certainly have an impact on society.

Therefore, UNY took a very important role in this activity by becoming a collaborator partner in the selection of the Karang Taruna social innovation competition. After being screened from 106 innovators, a Studium Generale and selection for the Top 50 finalists were held. Continuing after the Top 20 was selected, a selection was held to select the Top 10 through presentations in front of judges involving academics from UNY, MSME practitioners, and Karang Taruna. The series of activities were held at Yogyakarta State University with the involvement of judges from the Academic and Student Affairs of UNY. In this process, UNY not only selects innovators from youth organizations, but also becomes a sparring partner in discussions as well as a mentor for innovators during the selection process until the end of the showcase activity at the peak of the social innovation week. Given that the innovations produced by youth organizations are very diverse, ranging from MSME products, technology, culture, and community empowerment social programs.

Not stopping there, during the Top 10 final activity, the final presentation was held to determine the champion at Jogja City Mall (14/10), UNY through Maris Setyo Nugroho, M.Eng., was appointed as the Final Pitching judge along with other judges from UGM, PT PLN Icon Plus, DIY Cooperative and UKM Office, DIY Social Service, and Youth Organization. On this occasion, the judges assessed the presentation process and saw the products exhibited in the showcase event for 2 days (October 14-15).

In the end, in the peak night of the awarding, UNY was represented by the Secretary of the Directorate of Research and Community Service, Prof. Dr. Siti Irene Astuti D, M.Si., who received the award given by GKR Hayu accompanied by the Secretary of DIY, Mr. Beny Suharsono, M.Si. along with other partners involved in the DIY Karang Taruna Social Innovation Week event. Present at the same place, the judges and mentors from the Academic and Student Affairs Team of UNY, such as Ari Iswanto, M.Or., Wisnu Nugroho, M.Pd., Dr. Okky Indera Pamungkas, Riko Septiantoko, M.Pd., Nur Endah Januarti, M.A., and Galih Pranowo, M.Pd.

UNY hopes that this activity will not stop here. What is important is the stage after this activity ends. Hopefully, it will become a gateway to build a commitment to collaboration between UNY and Youth Organizations through mentoring to develop various innovations produced and support development in the Special Region of Yogyakarta. ( Author: Endah Januarti, Editor: Dedy, Tj.Lak)

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