The Faculty of Engineering UNY welcomed the Robotics Team and Garuda UNY Team in the Hall of Faculty of Engineering on 7 May 2019. Both teams achieved valuable result in each event they participated in, namely the UNY Garuda Team won 2nd place in the Urban Concept Category and broke the Asia and World record in terms of distance at the 2019 Shell Eco-marathon Asia in Sepang, Malaysia while the UNY Robotics team became General Champion at the Indonesia 2019 Regional Robot Contest 3 in Purwokerto. The reception was attended by members of the garuda racing team and robotics team as well as the ranks of Faculty of Engineering's leadership, Head of the Department, Supervisor and the Dean of Faculty of Languages and Arts .

The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Yogyakarta State University, Dr. Ir. Widarto, M.Pd., in his remarks gave the highest appreciation and respect for the effort and hard work that was given so that they could make the campus proud. He also advised that the entire team would continue to prepare themselves because the challenges and competition in the future would be increasingly complicated.

"In addition, various achievements and things that have not been successful in the previous race should be immediately evaluated and improved," he continued.

Meanwhile, Supervisor of the UNY Robotics Team, Herlambang Sigit Purnomo, M.Cs. reported that his team was declared as General Champion at the 2019 Regional Indonesian Robot Contest 3 which was followed by universities from Central Java, Yogyakarta and Kalimantan. The team received the most awards, including 1st Place and Best Design of the KRAI division with the name of the MAESTRO_EVO team, 1st Place KRSTI division with the ROSEMERY team name, 1st Place KRPAI Champion with the team name GARENGPUNK, 2nd Place KRSBI Wheeled with the MOBO-EVO team, and 2nd Place KRSBI Humanoid with the name AL-AADIYAT team at Jendral Soedirman University, Purwokerto, Central Java. With this achievement, the UNY Robotics team will also be the Regional 3 representative for the national level Indonesian Robot Contest this June.

On the same time, Sutiman, MT, the supervisor of the UNY Garuda team explained that the team push the car at the limit and sucsesfully broke Asian and world record with a distance of 382.9 km / liter in the World Championship Drivers' Competition Asian Regional Qualifier; the best Urban Concept race in the 2019 Shell Eco-marathon Asia in Sepang, Malaysia. Garuda UNY also managed to race in 4th place to qualify after Nanyang University, ITS Team 5, and Is-ht Vietnam. "We also successfully won Second Place in the Urban Concept Category in the Internal Combustion Engine Class," he concluded. (hryo)

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