The Important Role of Community Learning Activity Centers (PKBM) in Improving the Quality of Sustainable Village Human Resources

UNY National Seminar on Village Education

The UNY Department of Non-Formal Education, in collaboration with DPP FK PKBM Indonesia, successfully held a National Seminar with the theme "PKBM Builds Villages" on January 28, 2023. Present online as the keynote speaker were the Minister of Villages, PDT and Transmigration of the Republic of Indonesia, Dr. (HC) Drs. H. Abdul Halim Iskandar, M.Pd.
"The Center for Community Learning Activities, as a non-formal education unit, has an important role in improving the quality of sustainable village human resources. With better quality human resources, villages can improve the quality of transparency in government," said Dr. (HC) Drs. H. Abdul Halim Iskandar, M.Pd.

Efforts to improve the quality of village human resources are also a concern of UNY. "To improve the quality of village human resources, UNY opens opportunities for further study for village officials in Bojonegoro through the Recognition of Past Learning (RPL) program," said Vice-Rector for General Affairs and Resources, Prof. Dr. Edi Purwanta, M.Pd.

Participants in this national seminar came from all PKBM administrators and managers throughout Indonesia who attended offline and online. "We hope that from this seminar, PKBM and the village government can collaboratively build villages together," said Yudan Hermawan, chairman of the National Seminar committee. (Author: Yudan Hermawan, Editor: Prasetyo, Tj. Lak)

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