Improving publicity and positive image of programs on campus


In 2022 UNY won 11 awards in the Ristekdikti Award in the Public Service Agency cluster. This year, the competition is even tougher because UNY is included in the Legal Entity State Universities cluster. The benefits of this award are introducing institutions, programs, and products of State Universities, Private Universities, partners, journalists and media, and other stakeholders. Also, to increase publicity and a positive image of the Directorate General of Higher Education, Research, and Technology programs while encouraging the strengthening of the units of each field that are contested. This notion was said by the Coordinator of Public Relations and Cooperation of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology, Yayat Hendrayana, M.Si, in a workshop to prepare the public relations award at UNY Hotel Tuesday (4/7). According to him, the forerunner of the Diktiristek Award is the public relations award. "For the public relations award, the most important thing is to increase literacy, which can be Key Performance Indicators, emancipation learning, Kedaireka matching funds with the theme of higher education transformation and pay attention to the details," he said. Yayat asked universities to be able to visualize, describe, make a brief analysis, evaluate and compile follow-up improvements. Do not forget always to pay attention to the timeline. For the cooperation award, the criteria are the best international cooperation, the best cooperation with industry and the best management of cooperation reports.

This workshop was initiated by the Directorate of Information and Business System Cooperation of UNY and attended by directors, sub-directorates, heads of services and public relations within UNY. The Vice Rector opened the activity for General Resources of UNY as Acting  Vice-Rector for Research, Information and Business System Cooperation, Prof. Edi Purwanta. The Vice Rector hopes that last year's weaknesses will be evaluated for improvement this year. "We have higher challenges.  This award leads to self-esteem at a university. Therefore, UNY strongly encourages this activity," said Edi Purwanta. Not only in the field of public relations but also in other fields, such as cooperation. Learning from past experiences so that it can be ranked so that it can be famous and taken into account at the national and international levels.

Anugerah Diktiristek gives several awards, such as Public Relations Award, Cooperation Award, Higher Education Database Award, Learning and Student Affairs Award, Resource Award, Institutional Award, Research, Technology, and Community Service Award, National Priority Award, Cooperation Partner Award Supporting Diktiristek Program, and Journalist and Media Award.(Author: Dedy, Editor: Sudaryono, Tj.Lak)

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