Sex education is a teaching effort, awareness, and information about sexual problems given to children, as the effort to keep the children free from a non-formative habit and also close all the possibilities towards forbidden sexual relations. Sex education need to be introduced since the early age of children. One of the factor which influenced the high sexual abuse cases to children is the easeaness access to the porn content. Besides, it also caused by the lack of parental knowledge about sex education delivery to the children because sex education for children is still considered a taboo and not applicative. There are still many parents who have not taught sex education correctly. Although students are taught about simple sex education in school, parents still needs to give supervision and special knowledge about sex education. So, parents or teachers needs a media to help them in introducing sex education to early age of children. PGSD’s college student from UNY who is Ida Sekar Maulina, Alyoriek Rahmadania, Riana Rahmaniya and Taat Tjasah Muhlisoh initiating learning media to introduce sex education, it is based on the characteristic of the early age children who is more interested in listening of stories rather than a complex advice.

According to Ida Sekar Maulina, Debat learning media consist of fairy tale or a doll. “The doll shaped human character with a full body that later will be mark on parts that can be touched and not touched with a color symbol in the doll.” said Ida. The doll is categorized into 3 character that told about the daily life of the children which related to sex education. Dolls as a concrete object that is close to children, so that children can explore on themselves who consider parts of doll such as body parts that need to be take care.

Alyoriek Rahmadania, explained that the hand puppets used three characters consist of mothers, boys, and a girl who had a height of 35 cm made from flannel cloth filled with dacron. The mother’s doll used the mixed color between pink and red while for the boys and the girls used the mixed color between green and yellow” she said. The story used the setting in a family consist of mothers, brothers and sisters which aged 6 and 5 years adjusting the age of kindergarten children. Whereas the problem is raised about manners in the bathroom, how to urinate properly and according to Sunnah, parts of the body that can and cannot be touched, also the ethics of getting along between girls and boys.

Riana Rahmania said, the Debat doll has been tested in TK ABA Dukuh, Mantrijeron, Yogyakarta. Based on data obtained from trials, this media product is included both categories with an average value of 3,414 student assessment results with a percentage of 85.35%. The result of trials conducted show that this media attracts student’s interest and makes students get better understanding in the importance of sex education since an early age. This works won the student research funding from Faculty of Education. (Dedy, Tj farrastania)

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