Measuring Students' Multiple Intelligent (MI) in Basketball Games


Nurul Huda considers that there is still no specific instrument to measure students' Multiple Intelligences (MI) in basketball games and optimize intelligence in winning competitions. As a former athlete, this encouraged her to start research on Multiple Intelligent (MI) with her dissertation entitled "Development of Multiple Intelligence-Based Basketball Game Assessment Model in High School." Nurul believes that this research is very useful for PE teachers. Similar tests do not exist at home and abroad, and basketball games have no MI. In the sports education curriculum in high school, many types of big ball games are discussed. The focus on the new basketball game is included in the 2013 curriculum in the big ball material.

This test instrument is more cognitive, affective and psychomotor in PE measurements. In the entity and feasibility test, she use statistics. The instrument's preparation uses the ADDIE model because it follows the instrument guidelines with five stages: analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. This instrument or measuring instrument can measure all aspects of MI. MI-based basketball game assessment has been socialized in high schools in Yogyakarta. The instrument has helped sports teachers.

Nurul explained that the product of her research is a guidebook for multiple intelligence-based basketball game assessments in high school. The instrument developed is effective for measuring MI and optimizing 9 MI, including linguistic, mathematical logic, spatial, kinesthetic, music, intrapersonal, interpersonal, naturalist, and existence/religion, especially in playing basketball, to be more useful for students and Physical Education teachers. The products developed are in the form of test and non-test instruments.

"In assessing, there are guidelines so that the assessment becomes clearer. What is promoted are test instruments for students and assessments for teachers. Although there is no relationship between physical activity and IQ increase, physical activity is directly related to cognitive function ability," she said. (Author: Shinta,  Editor: Dedy, Tj.Lak)

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