Toxic relationships are relationships that are not pleasant for yourself or others. This relationship will also make someone feel worse. Toxic relationship characteristics include insecure feeling, jealousy, selfishness, dishonesty, condescension, negative comments, and negative criticizing. Such brief explanation was mentioned by  Dr. Nurlaila Effendy, M.Si in “Positive Psychology Seminar and Workshop on Positive Psychology Approach in Toxic Relationship”.

The Chairperson of the Indonesian Positive Psychology Association explained that toxic relationships cause those involved in it to struggle to live productive and healthy lives. "Maybe you have experienced it firsthand. Having a friend who just wants to be listened to and looks for you when he's in trouble, but he never listens to your story and forgets you when you're happy. On the other hand, maybe you have a partner but never appreciated you. He even did as he pleased as long as his wish was achieved, always blaming yourself if something goes wrong, even daring to act rudely to you, "she added again in the event organized by UNY Undergraduate and S2 Psychology Students.

Nurlaila explained reciprocal healthy relationships, came as love or love each other, support each other, strengthen each other, and share emotions. On the other hand, it does not worsen the situation even though sharing emotions, refusing when telling stories is not fair, there is no time to "run" to other people, and Growing social relations, is a form of relationship from a positive relationship. "Prepare our emotions by positively dominated smiles without reason, mindful living, gratitude. Practice self-awareness in order to manage themselves and empathy and do a lot of observation "she concluded. (ant;Tj.Lak)

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