Students class of 2013 of Mechanical Engineering Education of the Faculty of Engineering, Yogyakarta State University (FE YSU) created electric pedicab named `Simple Electric Tricycle` (7/03). They are Yondi Akirudin, Risna Sari Dewi, Dwi Hari Purnomo, Aris Sulistyo, Wisnu Pamungkas, and Rio Rizki Khanigia. They constructed this work under the guidance of Dr. Eng. Didik Nurhadiyanto, M.T., Febrianto Amri Ristiadi, M.Eng.Sc., and Prof. Thomas Sukardi, M.Pd. This electric tricycle uses an electric motor that can go up to 40 km / h. In addition, this vehicle can also be used manually with the pedal like common rickshaws.

This vehicle has a dimension 0,9x1.4x2.2 m and the motor of 80-300 watt using 2 pieces of dry battery mounted in the rear of the passenger cab. The battery supplies energy to drive the motor and battery charging time is around 2 hours.

This vehicle is designed for tourism areas of Yogyakarta that has flat course, for example, the area of Malioboro Street. One member of the group, Risna Sari Dewi, said that they dreamed of pollution-free landmarks, as in Malioboro, Yogyakarta,.

"We want Malioboro to be ‘Motor Free Zone` to make more comfortable atmosphere there. The advantages of this vehicle are pollution-free and featuring a battery that is durable and long lasting. Simple Electric Tricycle is also not noisy, and the brakes are already using the discs that we applied at the rear wheels, as well as the mode of transportation that retains the characteristics and culture of the city of Yogyakarta, "explained Risna.

Furthermore, Risna said that pedicab has become an icon in the Malioboro area. "We want to increase this potential, with a touch of innovation combined with electric power", she added.

"Of course there are still many improvements in our work before we can actually declare it for the general public. One of the most urgent parts is the brake so that the braking process could be more perfect ", she concluded. (Haryo)

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