Processing waste cooking oil into aromatherapy candles


Residents of Pinggir Village, Bantul Regency, received training on processing waste cooking oil into aromatherapy candles from a group of UNY students. The group consists of Muhammad Raffi Argifari, Sony Ardiansyah Yekti Wibowo, Media Binar Yedeya, Ja'far Yanuar Sugrindo As Salafi, Syifa Kamila Khairunnisa, Rhiski Husniati, Najla Nashirah, Rahma Chairunissa, Restu Maisaroh and Ratih Kumalasari Sujono.

"Used cooking oil can pollute the environment if disposed of carelessly. In addition, consuming used cooking oil can also cause dangers such as cancer and narrowing of blood vessels that can cause hypertension, stroke, and coronary heart disease. Therefore, we want to help the community reduce this waste through training in making aromatherapy candles from used cooking oil," said Muhammad Raffi Argifari, the team leader.

"The first step is to soak the used cooking oil with charcoal for an hour. This process will absorb the odor from the oil," said Rhiski Husniati. After the soaking process, the used cooking oil is heated with stearin and crayons until all ingredients melt and boil, and then aromatics are added. The liquid is poured into a mold, given a wick, and left to freeze.

"The benefits of this aromatherapy candle are that it can overcome insomnia, reduce stress, give a calming effect, and relax the mind. In addition, with creativity, these candles can also be a source of income for the community," said Ratih Ratih Kumalasari Sujono. (Writer: Dedy, Editor: Sudaryono, Tj.Lak)

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