UNY chemistry education department had Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sozbilir from Ataturk University, Urzurum, Turkey as visiting professor.  He is one of the professors with primary expertise in qualitative research and research expert in the field of chemical education with experience in many scientific publications. He has published more than 30 articles in Scopus indexed journals with h-Index 12, wrote several chapter books and currently an editor in several reputable international journals as well as reviewers. His Field of expertise in research methods, especially qualitative research for chemistry education in accordance with the courses that are taught by UNY lecturer so that it is very possible for teaching sharing and collaboration.

Head of the International Affairs and Partnership Unit of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty, Dr. Antuni Wiyarsi explained, one of the challenges for UNY to be a world class university was the increasing number of collaborations with competent experts (professors) from abroad. The involvement of these experts can be set in teaching, research and other collaboration activities. The chemistry education department strongly supports these efforts, especially in bringing in visiting professors. The visiting professor's activity enables UNY lecturers to conduct joint research and scientific discussions - both in compiling good publication articles and in international seminars - directly with partner lecturers from overseas universities and collaborating in lectures."Some activities have been carried out, namely teaching in class, discussion with lecturers and holding meetings with UNY leaders. Classroom learning activities are carried out for two courses namely Basic Chemistry and Thesis Proposal Seminar. On basic chemistry courses for bachelor students, Prof. Mustafa provides material on Misconceptions in Thermodynamics and Kinetics. Students' understanding were enlightened by this lecture because apparently some students themselves were still experiencing misconceptions, "she continued

As for the Thesis Proposal Seminar course for master students, he presented basic material on qualitative research and how to prepare a good proposal. Qualitative research is mostly avoided by students and rarely applied in chemistry education theses. This lecture successfully encourage students' thoughts and insights that qualitative research is far more interesting and meaningful despite its challenges. They hope to compile good qualitative research proposals.

Discussions with lecturers are held at the faculty and department level. Discussion activities with faculty lecturers involved representatives from 5 departments at Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UNY. Prof. Mustafa delivered material about writing articles and scientific publications on the results of qualitative research. He provides basic concepts and tips on writing good articles. He also shared his experience as a reviewer about the problems found in articles submitted in international journals as well as providing journal insights that can be accessed by Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences lecturers, especially related to qualitative research in education.

"At a meeting with chemistry education lecturers, Mustafa focused on exploring chemistry education research trends, the introduction of international chemistry education journals and the possibility of further studies for young lecturers. In the future, we hope that more research collaboration activities will be set chemistry education lecturers and guest lecturers, "she said.

Other activities undertaken include holding meetings with the leadership of both the Dean, Vice Rector for Planning and Partnership, Dean and UNY's international office to discuss cooperation and signing of the MoU. The MoU was signed by the UNY Rector on July 24 and then was brought by Prof. Mustafa to Turkey and was signed by the Rector of Ataturk UNY on August 1, 2019. Collaborative activities that could be carried out included credit transfers, staff exchanges, visiting professors, research collaborations and publications as well as international seminars.(witono)

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