Students’ Community Service Programs: Pottery Creations and Javanese Language Conservation

Students’ Community Service Program: Pottery Creation and Javanese Language Conservation

Tourism village is the theme chosen for YSU students for this year’s Students’ Community Service Program. One of the student groups that is Group 2033 have their community service program at the pottery and ceramics production village at Jetis, Panjangrejo, Pundong, Bantul, Yogyakarta Special Territory Province. One of their projects is on Pottery Creation. This project involved 25 students, some of them were elementary school students and others were junior highschool students. (Saturday, July 25th 2015).
This Pottery Creation Project was held on Saturday, July 25th 2015 in the front yard of Masjid Al-Munir at the location. The project had the students to colour the unfinished/unpainted potteries as an activity to develop their creativity. This was also to encourage them to love their province uniqueness that is pottery production. To colour the potteries, the students used simple tools such as paint brush and a number of wall paint colours.
On the same day, another community service group that is Group 2148 held a Javanese public speaking training for the youth at Kalibuko II Village, Kalirejo, Kokap, Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta. This training was a collaboration program with Yogyakarta Miss and Mr (Javenese )Yogyakarta Association and presenting Exwan Andrian, a Javanese teacher of a local high school who is currently taking a master program at YSU Graduate School.
“This Javanese public speaking training for Master of Ceremony is aimed at preserving the local language as well as improving the youth skills in speaking Javanese. The skills will be useful for them if they host events in the village,” Imam Khoirudin, the team leader said.

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