UNY facilitates prospective students with special needs in the entrance exam


"This year, UNY facilitates 4 visually impaired participants and 20 physically challenged participants in the entrance exam," said UNY Head of Admissions Dr. Bambang Saptono. The services provided by UNY are the placement of participants with disabilities in strategic places that are easily accessible, the provision of wheelchairs, and special assistants. For the visually impaired, the test time was allocated on Thursday, May 2, in a separate room with a companion from an experienced lecturer of the Special Education study program.

The Location Supervisor of IDB Laboratory Room at the Faculty of Economics and Business UNY, Dr. Maimun Sholeh, said that the computer used to work on entrance exam questions for prospective students with special needs has adjusted specifications including software and audio facilities that support it. "For the visually impaired who take the test at UNY, we provide one companion per prospective student who is taken from the Special Education study program of the Faculty of Education and Psychology UNY," he said. Because lecturers from this study program have experience in serving and communicating with people with special needs. Hopefully, this support will minimize the obstacles that occur to get the best test results.

UNY's commitment to accepting students with disabilities is an implementation of the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education Regulation No. 46 of 2017 concerning Special Education and Special Service Education in Higher Education which is a guarantee for people with disabilities to be able to pursue education in higher education. Even the Minister of Education and Research and Technology Nadiem Anwar Makarim said that people with disabilities are prioritized to get the Indonesia Smart Lecture Card (KIPK). The process carried out provides the facilities needed by these students, even when they are still prospective students, for example by providing a companion during the state university entrance exam, providing learning facilities for students with disabilities such as the procurement of Braille textbooks, easy access to the library and also facilities that provide easy access for people with disabilities including ease of moving from a multi-storey building by using an elevator or access to the lecture building with a special lane for wheelchairs.

"I have prepared myself for the new student admission selection by studying hard including taking online tutoring and tryouts. I am lucky enough that my school, SMA 1 Sewon, is an inclusive school, with learning facilities that support students with special needs. Currently, I want to continue my studies at UNY Special Education," said Oktaviola Maya Tantri Ramadani, one of the blind student candidates at UNY. (Author: Dedy, Editor: Sudaryono, Tj.Lak)

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