Shizuoka - 2015 Student Formula Japan (SFJ) was held from 1 to 5 September and then officially ended on Saturday (5/9/2015). Before the closing, several names were announced as the champions of this competition. In the event, Garuda UNY Racing Team (GURT) from YSU enjoyed some astonishing achievements.

This year provides the first opportunity for GURT to join this formula car competition. Under the guidance of Dr. Zainal Arifin, M.T., Moch. Solikin, M.Kes., dan Sutopo, M.T, the team obtained the 5th rank of 93 participants in total. In terms of efficiency, it got the 5th place, and considered a notable achievement, given the team has faced several constrains to finish the race. Even, in the last minutes or 25 meters before the finish line, the car stopped.

In addition, the team also emerged as the runner-up in Best Rookie category. Such an award is given to new comers in the arena. The winner of the category is Austria TUG (Graz University), which also won the SAE competition held in Michigan this year.

“We did not intend to get quantitative achievement, more than that. Our rivals are big and experienced teams, while we are still too young. The achievements we got today are all great, as we are still a new comer,” Prof. Dr. Rochmat Wahab, M.Pd., M.A., said in his capacity as the Rector of YSU.

As an education institution producing teachers, the capability of YSU in creating engineering masterpiece is worth appreciated. Despite the limitations, they are still able to create an engineering product and compete in the international level.

In the near future, YSU will more encourage their students to join internation events. Rochmat Wahab promises to facilitate the students by organizing workshop and inviting Claude Roulle as an expert in FSAE international. In the 4th day of the arena, Roulle confirmed his willingness to meet the paddock GURT and give some input regarding SAE competition and car making.

Listening to the brief explanation given by Roulle is comparable to enrolling one-semester course, though he just talked in less than an hour. “I was impressed and willing to learn more from him. This motivates me to perform better in the competition next year,” as stated by Widhihastu Dharma Setiawan, the automotive designer of GURT.

To sum up, Indonesia got the great accomplishment. In the competition this year, Garuda UNY got the 28th rank, while Sapu Angin team of ITS won the 49th place of the 93 candidates from different countries. (ANF)

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