UNY celebrate the 57th anniversary by having community service and charity event at Bugel Hamlet, Kulon Progo District, Yogyakarta on Sunday (6/6). “This activity is part of collaboration implementation between LPPM UNY with the government of Kulon Progo District. We wish to develop more research and innovation for Bugel in particular and Kulon Progo community in general,” said Prof. Samuel Hadi as the chairman of LPPM UNY.

Bugel Hamlet was chosen because of its rich potential on biological and cultural. The activities held in Bugel are mentoring in the development of the jathilan gejog lesung culture by the PPM team Dr. Kuswarsantyo and Dr. Sutiyono; training on the development of craft designs from water hyacinth by the PPM Team Dr. Martono; assistance in developing Bugel's ecoprints made of eceng gondok (Eichhornia Crassipes), geblek jointly, and surjan rice fields by the PPM team Dr. Tien Aminatun and Dr. Sri Kun Budiasih; and as well as assistance and training on digital product marketing by Lies Endarwati, M.Sc.’s team.

Regent of Kulon Progo Drs. Sutedjo welcomed this activity and thanked UNY for holding community service activities in Kulon Progo. "This activity is a great support for the people of Bugel in particular and Kulon Progo District in general," said Sutedjo. UNY has played important role in developing education in Indonesia. Numbers of educators that give theirs service will support the nation sustainability. This point has been proven by Japanese who were able to rise up immediately after being destroyed by the atomic bomb because there were still teachers left. Sutedjo hopes that the 57th anniversary will strengthen UNY’s commitment in nurturing education for future generation.

The Rector of UNY, Prof. Sumaryanto hopes that the activities carried out by UNY will bring greater benefit for the people of Kulon Progo. "During the pandemic, there were only two activities that were held outside the campus related with the 57th anniversary of UNY.The first activity was an inter-agency tennis championship. The second one is today community social service program in Kulon Progo. This event is set under the theme “Partnership of the Education Institution and Society in order to create a Bugel Tourism Village Based on Biological Resources and Local Culture”. This program is a part of UNY's responsibility to support community empowerment in Kulon Progo. The Rector also hopes that the vocational schools in Kulon Progo can serve the students of the Kulon Progo region to continue their studies up to Masters and Doctoral Degrees.

In this activity, UNY also shared educational packages for 100 elementary school students and 100 junior high school students as well as 350 food packages for local residents. In addition, there is also book assistance for literacy development and village libraries, donations from UNY residents and the Dharma Wanita Persatuan UNY and assistance for health facilities in the context of preventing Covid-19 in the form of portable hand washing places and hand sanitizers. This activity is part of UNY's efforts to implement a sustainable global agenda on partnerships to achieve goals, reducing inequality, overcome poverty and good welfare. (Dedy, Tj. Lak)

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