Improving the quality of health and psychology of UNY retirees


"The number of UNY retirees is 903 people consisting of 374 lecturers and 529 staff members," said the UNY Retirees Association (IKAPEN) chairman, Dr. Sardiman. With many members, IKAPEN seeks to create work programs that support improving the quality of life of retirees. So far, IKAPEN has carried out workshops and health tests, gymnastics, recreational tours once a year, social services, karawitan exercises, talent search events for older adults, and visits to seniors.
In the health and psychology workshop for UNY retirees with the theme 'Healthy Elderly Prosperous Happy' held on June 15, 2023, IKAPEN presented Dr. H. Waharjani from Ahmad Dahlan University (UAD). Dr. H. Waharjani began his presentation by stating that older people have three problems. "The elderly are not calm and peaceful because of 3 problems. First, poor health. Second, financial difficulties. Third, household problems. Without health, a person may even lose their passion for living," said Dr. H. Waharjani.

Dr. H. Waharjani gave some simple tips for a healthy life. One of them is you should stick out your tongue ten times after waking up from sleep. People may rarely do this activity. But it turns out to provide benefits to protect the brain from stroke. Then stand on tiptoes eight times before going to the bathroom or do other activities to stimulate the nerves. In addition, Dr. H. Waharjani always advised us to check our health regularly, not smoke, exercise regularly, regulate our diet with fasting, get enough rest, and manage stress well. (Author: Dedy, Editor: Sudaryono, Tj.Lak)

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