Post date: 18/03/2015 - 11:12
Archive Management Internship Program for Students of YSU Educational Administration Department

Monday (March 9th, 2015) In collaboration with the Regional Library and Archive of Yogyakarta, YSU Educational Administration Department conducts an internship program in archive management for its students.
The Secretary of the Regional Library and Archive of Yogyakarta , Dra. Endah Pratiwi , welcomed the students of YSU Educational Administration Department in the opening ceremony of the intership program for Archive Management.
Endah Pratiwi also gave some introduction to the... Read More ...

Post date: 18/03/2015 - 08:44
Lecturers of Early Childhood Education Study Program Participated in a Local Pre-school Teachers Training

The opening ceremony and technical explanation of the Inspiring Teacher Training was held on Wednesday, February 2015 at the local department of education at Tepus Dictrict, Gunungkidul, which is located in the southern part of Yogyakarta. Regional Director of the Department of Education of Gunungkidul Regency, head of Early Childhood Education Study Program, and head of the Yogyakarta Branch of Dompet Duafa (an Islamic donation organization) attended this opening ceremony.
57 non-... Read More ...

Post date: 17/03/2015 - 13:25
The Ministry of Research and Technology and Higher Education Supports YSU Faculty of Engineering to Coordinate a Training Program for TEVT Practitioners

Prof. Muhammad Nasir, M.Si, Akt, Ph.D., the Minister of Research and Technology and Higher Education, supports Innovation in Teaching and Learning in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) program which is designed for professional development of vocational education practitioners in Indonesia. It is a continuous training which will be held in Nanyang Polytechnic International Singapore. This training is coordinated by educators from YSU Faculty of Engineering.

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Post date: 17/03/2015 - 10:47
YSU Community Service: Training in Active-Creative-Engaging Natural Sciences Learning Activities for Islamic Elementary School Teachers

YSU Community Service Team from the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences held a training in Active-Creative-Engaging Natural Sciences Learning Activities for Islamic Elementary School teachers in Muhammadiyah Elementary School at Munggur Village, Subdistrict of Ngeposari, Semanu Districts, Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta. (Sunday, March 15th 2015)
The training was part of the programs commemorating YSU 51st anniversary. Other programs include charity, traditional games... Read More ...

Post date: 17/03/2015 - 08:58
 YSU Student Wins Second Prize of National Mathematics Essays in Medan State University, North Sumatra

Rifaldy Fajar, a student at YSU Undergraduate Mathematics Study Program, won the second prize of the National Mathematics Essay Competition held by the Mathematics Department Student Association at State University of Medan, North Sumatra. This essay competition was among other competitions in the fields of mathematics and education. Rifaldy’s winning essay was entitled “Mathematics, Realities of the Implementation of Mathematics Education in Students’ Character Building.

In the... Read More ...

Post date: 16/03/2015 - 15:24
YSU International Students Join a Local Rice Harvest Festival

YSU international students joined the ‘Dewi Sri Festival’ in Plumbungan Village at Gunungkidul, the southern region in Yogyakarta. The festival is an annual collaboration of Plumbungan Village Youth Organization and Yogyakarta State University, supported by the local government of Gunungkidul Regency and the District Officials. The festival includes bazaar, charity, traditional competitions related to farming, culinary exhibitions from local produce, and cultural performances.
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Post date: 16/03/2015 - 10:12
Teaching Students in Batom, Bintang Highlands, Papua

When he was walking through the school corridor, the noise from outside the classroom grew louder as the students had just played outside and it was time to start the class. “Good morning, Teacher!” the students greeted their teacher. He is M. Fatkhul Damanhury, an alumnus of YSU Department of Civic Education who participates in Scholars Teaching in Outermost, Frontier, and Underdeveloped Regions in Indonesia Program.
Since the program has been launched four years ago, this is the... Read More ...

Post date: 16/03/2015 - 08:41

Mishbah Theatre always performs such a stunning laboratory performance. After performing Wisran Hadi’s Nyonya-nyonya last year, this theatre performed Agung Widodos’s Koran (Newspaper) in Karawitan Laboratory, Monday night (02/03/2015). The performance directed by Gilang Alamsyah was starred by a number of freshmen including Sulis, Agung, Jalu, Hans, Kukuh, Nisa, Marwi, Fabiola, Ifti, Decha, Ditri, and Fa’i.
The story began with a married woman named Sanah who cheated with Raken, an... Read More ...

Post date: 11/03/2015 - 11:36
Teaching Profession Education Orientation: Preparing Professional Teachers

“Being a teacher means having great responsibility to teach the students. Along with their pedagogical knowledge and skills, teachers should have sufficient subject knowledge in teaching the students. Besides, good characters and intellectual minds are other supporting factors for being professional teachers. Teachers should be devoted, dedicated to their profession,” said Wardan Suyanto, Ed.D. the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs of YSU.
Further in his speech, Wardan said that... Read More ...

Post date: 10/03/2015 - 15:05
YSU and UTM, Malaysia Collaboration: Discussion on Innovations in Teaching and Learning

Monday (March, 10th 2015) Prof. Baharuddin Bin Aris, the Dean of the Faculty of Education at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, gave his general lecture and discussion on Innovations in Teaching and Learnings. The program was hosted by YSU Office of International Affairs and Partnerships and Center for Educational Development and Quality Assurance in Collaboration with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia at YSU Main Hall.

During the program, the topic was very engaging and reflects the... Read More ...