Prof. Dr. Endang Widjajanti Laksono FX


Research and Publication:

Aplikasi Teknologi Nano Pada Pengembangan Produk Hilir Timah Putih Untuk Meningkatkan Devisa Nasional (The Application of Nano Technology in Developing White Timber Product to Increase National Income), 2010.

Pola Adsorpsi Zeolit terhadap Pewarna Azo (The Adsorption Pattern of Zeolit to Azo), 2010.

Adsorpsi Nitrogen dan Fosfor dari Urin dengan Zeolit sebagai Upaya Penyediaan Pupuk Organik Cair (The Adsorption of Nitrogen and Phosphor from Urine by Using Zeolit as the Provider of Liquid Fertilizer). 2009.

The Adsorption Capacity of Polychitosan-Acrylamide Polikitosan-Akrimida to Cu, Ni, Cr, 2009.

Pengembangan Media Pembelajaran Kimia Berbasis Instructional Graphic Berdasarkan Teori Belajar Konstruktivisme (Developing Instructional Graphic Chemical Learning Material based on the Learning Theory of Constructivism), 2008.

Study of Reaction Mechanisms on the Adsorption of 9-Aminoacridine by N{ontmorillonite, 2006

The Study Of Solidification/Stabilization Process On Heavy Metals Contaminated Waste By Portland Cement, 2007   

The Effect of Alumina Impregnant on the AdsorptionCapacity of Ni-Cr), 2008

The Adsorption Capacity of Chitosan -Alumina to CR (III) And NI (II) Ions, Presentend in PACCON (Pure and Applied Chemistry International Conference) 2009 

Physical Chemistry
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