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Research :

Novel Synthesis of 1,5-dibenzalacetone Using NaOH/ZrO2-Montmorillonite as Cooperative Catalyst published in International Journal of Chemical and Analytical Science in June, 2012

Development of Active Compounds from Kaemfera rotunda against human cancer cell lines, 2012

Isolation and Antimutagenic Activity of Some Favanone Compounds from Kaempferia Rotunda, published in International Journal of Chemical and Analytical Science 4 (2013) 3-8.

Resveratrol Derivatives from Stem Bark of Hopea and Their Biological Activity test. Published in Journal of Physical Science Vol. 19 (2), 2008, USM, Malaysia.

HOPEAPHENOL-O- GLYCOSIDE, A  Compound Isolated from Stem Bark  Anisoptera marginata (Dipterocarpaceae)”, Indonesian Journal of Chemistry, ISSN 1411-9420, No.108/DIKTI/Kep/2007, Vol.9, No.1, pp 1-169, 2009, hal .151-157.

Uji Sifat Mutagenic dan Karsinogenik Ekstrak Etanol Hopea Mengarawan. Proceeding the National Chemistry Seminar, Yogayakarta State University, October 25, 2008.

Phenolic Content and Cyctotoxic Properties of Fermented Black Soybeans (Glicine Soja) Extract oh Human Hela-S3 anda Raji Cell Lines. 

Phytochemical Study on Some Curcuma Species from Indonesia. 

Book: Fitokimia Tumbuhan Meranti (Phytochemistry of Dyptorecaparcea), October 2012.



Bioactive extract as antihepatotoxic from Meranti (Dipterocarpaceae): Extraction  method process and the Use, 2007

Extract and Active Antimutagenic Substance from Hopea Mengarawan, 2009

Bioactive extract from Gnetum gnemon, 2008

The Use of Oligoresveratrol Compound from Dyptorecaparcea  as the anticancer medicine, 2011

Jamu (Herbal Drink) of Ginger as tanAntihepatotoxic, 2011

The Development of Active Extract Which Contains Oligoresveratrol from Diterocarpaceae as Anticancer, 2012

Active Substance of Anti Mutagenic from Rhizome of Family Zingiberaceae, 2012


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