Prof. Dr. Pujiati Suyata



-       A Contrastive Analysis Among the Indonesian Language and the Iha and Sumbawa Languages: A Multicultural Study in  Language Teaching

-       The Determination of the Yogyakarta-Surakarta Isolek Status in the Perspective of A Standard Javanese Language Study: A Synchronic and Diachronic Comparative Linguistic Study), 2006

-       The Coherence of the Logical Style and Discourse Completeness of the Indonesian Language and Literature Teachers’ Scientific Reports in High Schools of Yogyakarta Municipality

-      Dialect Variation of Javanese Language in the border area of Yogyakarta- Surakarta, 2002

-       Model of Developing teacher-based Test Bank in the Province of Special Teritory of Yogyakarta, 2010


Comparative Linguistics
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