Kacang Umpet, Kepuh Gunungkidul's Local Culinary Treasure


Peanuts are one of Gunungkidul's famous crops. Peanuts have many benefits, including reducing the risk of cancer, preventing the formation of gallstones, maintaining heart health, controlling blood sugar levels and helping to lose weight. So far, peanut processing has only been boiled or fried. The community service team of UNY students led by Afifah Nur Adila processed this local food into Kacang Umpet with many flavours. "The production of these beans was initiated by the women of Kepuh hamlet who are members of the Amanah MSME. So far, the products that have been marketed only have sweet flavours," said Afifah.

The basic ingredients needed to make the kacang umpet are peanuts, wheat flour, starch, salt, cooking oil, and warm water. "To make the sweet and spicy flavour variant, we need red chilli, shallots, brown sugar, and salt," said Putri Ayuning Purnama Sari, one of the UNY student team members.

In addition to making flavour innovations, the UNY KKN group also assisted in making product photos. The products are packaged using more attractive packaging, namely in the form of jars and added with the provision of stickers or product labels by including the logo design that has been made to increase the selling value of the bean products.

Head of Kepuh Dukuh Pacarejo Semanu, Slamet, was happy with this training. According to him, the Amanah MSME has only been making the beans waiting for orders all this time. Hopefully, with this training, Amanah MSMEs can sustainably produce this product to increase the residents' income.(Author: Dedy, Editor: Sudaryono, Tj.Lak)

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