Two graduates from Informatics Engineering Education, Yogyakarta State University (YSU) successfully developed and launched an Android-based app in Taipei to help identify halal products and services in Taiwan. They are Aris Kusumo Diantoro and Faisal Fahmi, graduated from YSU in 2013 and currently pursuing their Master degree in National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) Taiwan.

“At this time, knowledge and understanding on halal products are still low. Muslims coming or residing in Taiwan are often worried and difficult to obtain sharia-based products and services” says Arif to Antara Jakarta. Through this “Taiwan Halal”, halal-related problems encountered by moslem in Taiwan, either workers, students, tourists could be overcome.

Aris understands most moslems in Taiwan often find difficulties in getting sharia-based products and services. “This app allows moslems in Taiwan to search for information such as halal restaurants, hotels offering halal services, mosques, and moslem community in Taiwan. We do construct this app to be accessed via smartphones and computers to assist them in seeking for halal-related information” he stated.

As the programmer of this App, he seeks for advice and feedback from users of this app for effectiveness in giving services and information related to halal services and products in Taiwan. (antaranews.com/humasFTUNY)

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