The students of Physics education, Faculty of mathematics and Natural Sciences, namely Mohammad Aziz Ali, Adzkia Sufi Fauziyah and Ricky Aji Saputra, succeeded to design a simple air cooler.

The team coordinator, Azis, explained that their research aimed at providing an affordable air conditioner as the use of available air conditioners in the market spent the relatively massive budgets. For some people in Indonesia, the expenditure exceeds their budget for household needs. Based on that situation, they innovated a simple, cheap and portable air cooler which operates effectively with low-temperature output as the parameter.

“The design needs the low temperature solution. The low temperature is from the reaction of ice cube and salt dissolved in the water which create the zero temperature but unfreezed salt solution,” Aziz explained the process.  

He added that the concept of cooling air is flowing the air to spaces. As a result, the low temperature air is able to work as an air conditioner.

Aziz explained how to make it by utilizing a sytrofoam box, a fan and a PVC L-type pipe. First, make a hole in a cover of styrofoam box with a fan-sized diameter. Then, insert the front side of the fan into the hole. Make sure that the hole is all covered. Next, make the output hole inside the cover of styrofoam box. After that, insert PVC L-type pipe into the hole to make the output channel. Insert the cooler materials (water, ice cubes and salt) into the box. Cover the box with the modified pipe-and-fan cover, and then turn on the fan. Cool air will flow through the output pipes.

Basically, the operation principle of the simple air cooler is that the ice cube and cool waters cool the air in the box. The only output hole would make a way out for the cool air from the fan. “After a number of experiments, the output temperature from the pipe reached 19 degree Celsius. “The temperature of a room is approximately 26.5—27 degree Celsius. It means that the design is able to decrease the temperature + 7—8 0C”, Aziz explained.

The design succeeded to create cool air in the tropical-type area. However, the team admitted that the design only creates the local output and it needs further experiments to create the whole-room cool air circulation. The appropiate use is still better in the car cabin.  (witono/febi)

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