Three YSU students secured the third position in The 6th International Engineering Invention and Innovation Exhibition (i-ENVEX) 2015, April 17-20, 2015 in Perlis, Malaysia. They are Rifaldy Fajar (Mathematics Study Program), Nana I. Kurniastuti (Mathematics Study Program) and Adi Suseno (Special Education Study Program). i-ENVEX 2015 is a competition held by ENVEX Young Reseacher Club (EYReC) collaborated with University Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) and Malaysia High Education Ministry. This year theme of this annual competition is “Engineering for Society.”

The competition was participated by more than 500 inventors from Malaysia, Singpore, Indonesia, Korea, Egypt, Thailand, Vietnam, UEA, Taiwan, the Phillippines, Cambodia, Iraq, Germany, Oman, United Kingdom, and Canada. It was divided to seven classes, namely Classed A for Agricultural & Enviromental and Renewable Energy, Classed B: Automotive, Transportation & Industrial Design, Classed C: Biotechnology, Health & Chemicals, Classed D: Building, Construction & Materials, Classed E: I.C.T, Multimedia & Telecommunications, Electricity & Electronic, Classed F: Manufacturing Process & Machines and Equipment, and Classed G: Social Sciences.

The YSU students participated in Classed G for Social Science as their invention used as a card-based learning medium. They presented their invention entitled “Drug Dangers Quartets (KABAYAN): Educational Game and Interactive Card on Teens in an Effort to Realize a Healthy Adolscent Without Drugs.” It is a narcotic learning card implemented for Highschools in Yogyakarta for the last five months. However, they had to compete with their rivals in this class who have made numerous sophisticated patent society-based inventions.

In this competition, each group or participant was provided by a desk to show their poster, brochure and invention products so that 89 juries were able to visit their desks while delivering questions about the description, strength, implementation, and patent of the products.

Before competing in i-ENVEX Malaysia, Rifaldy and the team had passed the national selection in Jakarta held by Indonesia Invention and Innovation Promotion Association and INNOTEK collaborated with UniMAP. Their invention went through i-ENVEX 2015 in Malaysia.

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